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If you are not satisfied, I will refund the price of the bag. You do not even have to send the bag back. Just send me proof in the form of a good quality video or picture of you cutting the bag crosswise into 8 pieces. I have modified this: You do not have to destroy the bag either. If you like, you can continue to use it until you figure out its usage. Users of my product do not abuse this guarantee because they are happy with the efficient filter bag.

An overwhelming number of customer dissatisfaction results from impatience. In case of heavily polluted water, following the start of filtration, the filter bag filters out enough impurities within 10-20 minutes for the bag to be taken away for cleaning. Also, clients sometimes think that the bag is in no need of maintenance because they are used to their paper or sand filters, which only need to be checked on occasion. However, a filter’s job is to filter. When it filters, it needs to be cleaned. When it doesn’t filter, it doesn’t need to be cleaned.

A filter bag made of 1 or 5 micron industrial water filter material. This pool water filter is able to filter out all floating contaminants from the pool water, including those that cause the water to become opal. It also filters out rust, precipitating from well water and can also be used to remove algae from garden ponds. For the latter only the 1 micron material is suitable!

The adjective ‘miracle’ may be off-putting, because of the many useless ‘miracle’ product names, but the name still remains. The word ‘miracle’ here refers more to the fact that the miracle bag user is still amazed years later at what his filter filters out of the water.

Those who did not buy a miracle bag because of the “Miracle” adjective will buy one in a few years when a friend recommends it. 🙂 Experience.

I made a video comparing 1 and 5 micron filter material: bit.ly/mvcz15

Although the 5 micron bag is cheaper and easier to clean, I now only distribute bags made from 1 micron material. The 1 micron bag does not cost much more, but it is more efficient and you will be more satisfied with it. Only the 1 micron bag filters out green algae from the water. There are still 5 micron bags available, but these are not covered by the 100% satisfaction guarantee.

The big bag is 1 metre long, the half bag 50 cm. At normal water clarity, the half bag is sufficient for 4-6 m3 of water.

Choose the big bag, since it needs less cleaning, is easier to clean, and filters more thoroughly because the water passes through the filter material at half the pressure. The bag will last for years, so the small price difference disappears. The half bag is better for small amounts of water, for paddle pools.

You can find a video about the valve here: bit.ly/gbsz1

This valve protects the bag from overpressure. The use of a submersible pump is recommended because of the high water flow rate. However, when the bag starts to clog with dirt, the water pressure will increase and this could damage the bag. Be sure to ask for a valve for the first bag if you are using a pump of more than 150 watts. Damage caused by overpressure is not covered by warranty.

Watch a video about the valve here: bit.ly/gbsz1

This cylindrical form is the result of repeated developments. A square shape would be obvious and I have made it that way before. The square shape, however, holds much more water with a same filter surface.

When the bag filled with impurities, it became so heavy that a not too strong person could not lift the bag out of the pool for cleaning purposes. Dirty water could obviously not be poured back into the pool to lighten the bag and waiting for the water to drain out of the clogged bag would take many minutes. Only with the oblong shape can you ensure the layering of the filter material behind the zip resulting in perfect filtration.

Without layering, water would pass unfiltered between the zip teeth. Cleaning the bag is also easier.

The 100×15 cm bag is the most manageable size. It can even be lifted out of the pool when full of water and is not too long to clean. For larger pools and ponds, any size of filter surface can be achieved by connecting several bags in parallel. A larger filter bag filled with water would be so heavy that it could not be lifted out of the pool.

The inside of the 1 micron miracle bag must be cleaned out with strong!!! water pressure, with a garden hose. Low water pressure or a shower will only remove the dirt from the surface of the filter material. The very fine particles are stuck between the fibres of the filter material and can only be removed with strong water pressure.

A garden hose will do for a few times, but after a while the pores of the filter material will be full of fine dirt. This is what you bought the bag for. When this happens, you have to wash the filter bag with a pressure cleaner. Do this carefully, with feeling !!! to minimise damage to the filter material and to avoid loosening of the material. You can calculate that the bag can withstand 10 such washing sessions. If you wash the bag 3 times a year, it will last up to 3 years, but it will not last that long, because the family dog will have it chewed up 🙂 (Feedback suggests that most bag losses are due to dogs.)

More information on cleaning is available on the website.