Handmade product Made in the EU

About Us

The development of the product began 9 years ago, with this prototype:

I’m János Strausz from Hungary…

I’m the developer of the Miracle Bag. For decades I have been developing simple utilities for households and for companies where I had worked. Among these were also global companies. I have several patents. Large-scale developments for others have only brought me moral gain. Mostly these ideas were taken or barely rewarded, while generating millions of dollars of profit for others.

So I took a step back and now I only make things that I can fund myself. My mission is to help people find products and solutions to everyday challenges as cheaply as possible. These are for example pool heating, water storage, gardening utensils, solar heating, etc.

I solve everything in the most simple way. There are no unnecessary added things, parts, or fancy packaging to increase the price of the product. Many of my products are not only cheaper, but much better than existing solutions.

One such product is the Miracle Bag. I have been developing and distributing the Miracle Bag in several European countries for 8 years, and now you can try it too through my international Webshop.

Luckily, the Miracle Bag is light of weight, so I can post it cheaply to anywhere in the world. The Miracle Bag is such an effective product that 85% of my customers come to me by recommendation of others.

I can provide advice to many of my Hungarian customers over the phone. This, however, is not possible in international distribution, but we can assist you in writing. I wish you pleasant bathing.