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Pool water filter Starter Pack 3pcs 100 cm (MB3xSet)

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  • This package comes with a 33% satisfaction guarantee
  • Only choose this if you already have confidence in the product.
  • To try it out, choose the VE100 with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • This kit is suitable for pools over 20 m3, used with a submersible pump.
  • It works well with external pumps (Paper Filter Pump, Sand Filter Pump) but is most effective when used with a submersible pump. See demonstration videos.
  • For large pools, a long flexible hose is needed to keep the submersible pump and filter bag as far apart as possible
  • For large water volumes, 50-100 m3, you can use several of these sets with separate submersible pumps.
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About Miracle Bag

The pool water filter is able to filter out all floating contaminants from the pool water, including those that cause the water to become opal. Algae powder, green algae, iron oxide, manganese oxide.

Water filtration bag made of 1 or 5-micron industrial water filtration material, with the possibility of inserting a hose connection (diameter: 32mm). Size 100 cm x 15 cm, 0,3 m2 filter surface. The performance of 5-micron filter material is comparable to or better than that of sand filters. The 1-micron filter material can also filter out most green algae from the water, leaving your pool water crystal clear! It is cheaper, simpler, more efficient, and more economical than existing pool filtration systems.

The previous version of Miracle Bag:

The safety valve that protects the bag from overpressure:

Easy to use

The most simple and efficient way is to use it with a submersible pump.

One way: rotate the pool water as a whirlpool and place the submersible pump in the middle, on the bottom of the pool. Affirm the filter bag to the edge of the pool. All sediment will go into the bag within a few minutes. No vacuuming is required.

Another way: connect the filter bag with a long hose to ensure that the submersible pump and the filter bag are as far as possible from each other. Clean water exiting the filter bag will push unfiltered water toward the pump. The pump at the bottom of the pool sucks in all floating impurities and most of the sand. Heavier sand that accumulates in the pool bottom folds, can be pushed toward the pump with a brush. This way, the pool water will be clean in a few hours and there will be no need for vacuuming.

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  1. Günter

    5 out of 5
    Geniale Idee die perfekt funktioniert

    Günter (verified owner)

    Ich habe das Miracle Bag am Mittwoch den 6.9.2023 bekommen. Bin aus Graz Umgebung und habe innerhalb von 5 Tagen geliefert gekommen. Natürlich war ich beim Kauf skeptisch da ich sowas noch nie gesehen hatte. Installation erfolgte mit einem 5m langen 32mm Schlauch und einer günstigen Gardena Frischwasser Tauchpumpe mit 300Watt um 60€. Mein Pool 25m3 war durch den vielen Regen nicht mehr sauber zu bringen. Trotz Chemie und einer starken Sandfilter Anlage blieb der Pool grün. PH Wert wurde auf den erforderlichen Wert angehoben. Chlor und Algezit sowie Flockungsmittel eingebracht. Leider ohne Erfolg. Bereits 2 Stunden nach der Installation begann das Grüne im Wasser zu verschwinden. Das Reinigen der Bags mit einem Wasserschlauch oder Kärcher ist sehr einfach und erfordert nur ein paar Minuten Arbeit. Heute den 9.9.2023 ist der Pool bereits glasklar. Ich bin wirklich sehr beeindruckt und kann es sehr empfehlen. Vor allem das der Preis im Verhältnis zur Chemie nur einen kleinen Teil ausmacht. Leider habe ich davor kein Foto gemacht warte für diese Rezension perfekt gewesen.

    I received the Miracle Bag on Wednesday September 6th, 2023. I’m from the Graz area and got it delivered within 5 days. Of course I was skeptical when I bought it because I had never seen anything like it. The installation was carried out with a 5m long 32mm hose and a cheap Gardena fresh water submersible pump with 300 watts for €60. My 25m3 pool could no longer be cleaned due to all the rain. Despite chemicals and a powerful sand filter system, the pool remained green. PH value was increased to the required value. Chlorine and algecite as well as flocculants were introduced. Unfortunately without success. Just 2 hours after installation, the green in the water began to disappear. Cleaning the bags with a water hose or Kärcher is very easy and only requires a few minutes of work. Today, September 9th, 2023, the pool is already crystal clear. I am really very impressed and highly recommend it. Above all, the price only makes up a small part in relation to the chemistry. Unfortunately, I didn’t take a photo beforehand that would have been perfect for this review.

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  2. Duncan

    5 out of 5
    VE100. Review after a season


    Last year I was having alot of issues with my water quality on my above ground pool. I searched and searched and found this site. I must say I’m happy I did. After purchasing the miraclebag and running it along with my pool filter with in a few days my water was Cristal clear. I used this filter daily for my pool. I also started using it end of the season for cleaning the hot tube.
    Customer service goes far beyond what is needed. They stand behind there product 110%.
    Dont hesitate in purchasing one for your pool or hot tube.

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