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Pool water filter Double Pack 2pcs 50 cm (CO2x50)

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  • The Double Pack comes with a 50% satisfaction guarantee!
  • Only choose this if you already have confidence in the product.
  • To try it out, choose Starter Packs with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • Same as CO50 but with 2 filter bags.
  • Although a 50 cm filter bag is sufficient for the volume of water, buy the 100 cm version if you can
  • You will be more satisfied.
  • It’s easier to clean, it filters more efficiently (water passes through it more slowly), and the filter bag can be used for years, so the price difference is negligible.
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About Miracle Bag

The pool water filter is able to filter out all floating contaminants from the pool water, including those that cause the water to become opal. Algae powder, green algae, iron oxide, manganese oxide.

Water filtration bag made of 1 or 5-micron industrial water filtration material, with the possibility of inserting a hose connection (diameter: 32mm). Size 100 cm x 15 cm, 0,3 m2 filter surface. The performance of 5-micron filter material is comparable to or better than that of sand filters. The 1-micron filter material can also filter out most green algae from the water, leaving your pool water crystal clear! It is cheaper, simpler, more efficient, and more economical than existing pool filtration systems.

The previous version of Miracle Bag:

The safety valve that protects the bag from overpressure:

Easy to use

The most simple and efficient way is to use it with a submersible pump.

One way: rotate the pool water as a whirlpool and place the submersible pump in the middle, on the bottom of the pool. Affirm the filter bag to the edge of the pool. All sediment will go into the bag within a few minutes. No vacuuming is required.

Another way: connect the filter bag with a long hose to ensure that the submersible pump and the filter bag are as far as possible from each other. Clean water exiting the filter bag will push unfiltered water toward the pump. The pump at the bottom of the pool sucks in all floating impurities and most of the sand. Heavier sand that accumulates in the pool bottom folds, can be pushed toward the pump with a brush. This way, the pool water will be clean in a few hours and there will be no need for vacuuming.

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